Multi Unit Development

We are a highly experienced multi unit developers in Perth

For first time property developers or experienced investors, we can guide you through the process of building a multi unit development. We will provide you with detailed, transparent costs and facilitate all necessary approvals to maximise the potential of your block of land.

Multi unit developments by Progen Homes

Multi Unit development is a great way to maximise the potential of your block and ultimately your investment. Managing a multi-unit investment property or small apartment building is much easier than juggling numerous single properties. With all the tenants in one place, maintenance and other issues are all consolidated into a single, handy location. Depending upon the unit-size you choose to build, you may be able to hire a full-time property manager.

Multi-unit builders

At Progen Homes we will approach each development differently as an individual project to ensure that we best unlock the potential of your block. At Progen we have great experience in Multi Unit developments, over 50 years of combined industry experience to be exact. Our two Builders will meet with you to discuss your best options, the Multi Unit process, explain the Residential Planning Codes which is provided by your local council and custom design a multi-unit home design to best suit your block, location and to best maximise your investment.

Why choose to build with us?

& design consultation

We offer site and design consultations directly with one of our registered builders. We have over 50 years of experience across the Progen team, and are able to interpret your brief to bring it to life.

& intuitive designs

Design is more than simple aesthetics – it involves understanding the flow and function of your space and how people live in it. Our designs consider the importance of building to suit your lifestyle, and your needs.

Outstanding quality

It is through our extensive experience and network of quality subcontractors and suppliers that we can guarantee your project will be managed by professional and honest trades and only quality building supplies will be used.

Exceptional support & service

At Progen our key focus is to offer exceptional support and service right throughout the entire project, ensuring your deadlines are met and the project is to your specifications. Our values of genuine advice and complete transparency are displayed every day in our actions and our delivery.

We Work With Industry Leaders