12.5m Home Designs in Perth

12.5m Home Designs

12.5m home designs in Perth by Progen Homes. Progen Homes offers a range of 12.5m wide home designs that are perfect for Perth landscapes. Our experienced team will work with you to create a floorplan that not only suits your lifestyle and family but also the surrounding area. Whether you’re looking for a single-storey home or a split-level stunner, a Progen home will be a true reflection of you. There’s something about a 12.5m wide home that brings an undeniable sense of edge and connection to the land. Our experienced team will customise a floorplan to not only suit your lifestyle and family but the surrounding Perth landscape as well.

12m or 12.5m?

In Perth 12.5m is often searched for as 12m house plans. Typically searches for 12m home designs have the same intent as 12.5m home designs. Both of these searches are for houses designed for a 12.5m wide block / lot.

Flipside-Rear - New Home Design - Progen Building Group Perth WA

Flipside Rear

Like the Flipside Front, the Flipside Rear is designed for young and growing families except for this time, the master suite has been tucked away at the rear of the home, for those parents who want to enjoy a little extra privacy and accessibility to the main living areas.

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Flipside-Front - New Home Design - Progen Building Group Perth WA

Flipside Front

Welcome to Flipside Front. For all our young families out there, this home was designed in mind for you and your kids. It’s got a perfect blend of security, openness and functionality that makes it an adaptable home for your growing family.

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Fairway - New Home Design - Progen Building Group Perth WA


Fairway is suited for those looking to build a large, yet simple and great value home. This home has been designed like an escape from the outside – it’s a design that satisfies all your tastes.

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The-Appetizer - New Home Design - Progen Building Group Perth WA


Is it your first time building your own home? Introducing to the Appetizer – the perfect floor plan to start your journey. This one of a kind four-bedroom home plan has everything you could want or need for your first home.

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