Building vs Buying: 5 key reasons you should build

The realm of property is quite possibly one of the biggest decisions in our lifetime. Congratulations on making the big step into the world of property. For those who have had their fair share in the market space, congratulations are still in order as every step taken is a step worth noting. Now the next question that comes into play; ‘Am I going to build or am I going to buy?’

The answer to this question is completely dependent on your needs, timeframe and your end goals. Building a home allows for a lot more creative freedom and creating bespoke qualities that simply cannot be found in an already existing home. Whether you’re entering the property market for the first time, upgrading to a ‘forever’ home or looking for a stellar investment, there are plenty of reasons why you should build rather than buy. Here are our five favourite reasons:

1. You have a hand in every design element

Yep. When you build your home, the artistic license is in your hands. From the floorplan to the front yard, you can have your say! When you build a home, all those devilish details are overseen by you. You are in creative control of how you want your home to turn out. Building allows you to have a hand in every design element – talk about creating your very own masterpiece. Think to yourself, do I want pure convenience or do I want the power of customisation? Because with customisation, you will find the convenience you seek – and then some!

2. Tailor your home to suit your unique needs

Does your family LOVE home theatres? Done. Do you need your bathrooms to be wheel-chair accessible? Don’t worry. Your entire household’s unique subset of needs WILL be met. When you build, you’ve got complete control over how you want your home to be. Therefore, ensuring your home’s unique lifestyle needs are met is a seamless and effortless ask.

3. You can build a green home

Your home is your blank canvas. This is your chance to make conscious green decisions when building aspects of your beloved home. It’s no secret that eco-friendly homes are becoming increasingly popular by the minute, and for good reason. Building a green home means you can save money in energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, improve your health and do your part for the environment – we don’t see a downside!

4. Save on stamp duty

You heard it here folks. When embarking on the life-changing journey of property, saving where you can mean a lot. When you build a new home, you’ll only pay stamp duty on the land, not the house. This means that you will be spending significantly less than what you’d pay on an existing house.

5. The latest technology is built-in

When you buy an existing home, the chances that it will have all the latest gadgets and gizmos incorporated are slim. Integrated home technology is a vastly changing scape in the market and is one of those pivotal aspects of designing a modern home. Whether you are eager for multi-room audio systems or smart appliances, you name it and it is yours when building a home.

Bonus benefit? The feel-good factor once you see your beautiful home as a living, breathing concept. Taking your dream and crafting it into reality is one of those things that can never be bought. We have to make special note of this benefit as it is truly priceless.

Your dreams deserve to come to life

That is why speaking to a Perth home builder is an absolute must. When speaking to Progen Group, we make you our priority. We ensure this experience is about you and we ensure your home is a monumental extension of yourself. Speak to us today, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking for a little inspiration, why not check out some of our new home designs?

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