The Benefits of Incorporating Framed Construction into your New Home

Are you thinking about building a new home? Steel or timber framed construction methods are becoming more commonplace in the Western Australian market and offer many benefits. Homebuilders in Perth have traditionally only offered double brick as a construction method – this has long been thought of as the preferable method of construction, and whilst there are merits to building in double-brick there are many advantages to incorporating framed construction methods into your new home.

Framed construction involves building homes using timber or steel frames either exclusively or in conjunction with other building materials. Framed buildings are lined internally with plasterboard, with the external lining being either bricked (as is seen in brick veneer construction) or can be wrapped and clad in a variety of different cladding materials where the home is entirely framed. Insulation is installed within the framed walls to provide excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

Some advantages to adopting framed construction methods include:-

1. Faster build times

In a steady market, brick veneer homes can be constructed up to 4 weeks faster than the same design constructed in double brick. In an inflated market when labour shortages are experienced with particular trades, a double brick home could take up to 12 weeks longer to build than the same design in brick veneer.

2. Energy efficiency

When comparing the achievable star rating of a single design across various construction methods, expert energy assessors have determined that brick veneer is the most suited to our climate in Perth – closely followed by the home constructed exclusively in lightweight materials and lastly in double brick.

3. Sustainability

Timber-framed construction is more sustainable than double brick construction thereby having a lower impact on the environment.

4. A more controlled environment

Fabricated walls are engineered and manufactured in a controlled environment and erected on site. As environmental and human influence is reduced, this allows for less chance for error and more consistent, level and plumb walls for your home.

5. Reduced costs

A quicker build time means you save money on renting whilst your home is being completed. If you are building on a site where clay is present you will also save on the additional engineering requirements which can significantly reduce your site work costs. You will also see ongoing reduced energy bills due to the improved energy efficiency of framed construction and reduced ongoing maintenance costs as a framed wall will not experience the same settlement issues that are experienced with double brick construction.

Speak with the Progen Team today

Progen Homes offer a boutique experience in a project building market and are experienced in various framed construction methods – when you build with Progen you ‘build with the builder’.To find out more about framed construction speak to us today, you won’t be disappointed.

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