Dream Farmhouse in Darling Downs

Do you ever daydream about escaping the daily hustle and bustle of Perth? Perhaps moving into a larger, semi-rural, block? Moving somewhere with less traffic, more fresh air, surrounding nature and peaceful weekends? Perhaps when you have these daydreams, your home looks a little something like this. Our latest build in Darling Downs is a modern interpretation of the classic farmhouse. Is it incredibly grand? Yes. Does it boast a curved entryway and large front lawn? Yes. Do the Perth hills create a picturesque background to the home? Oh, yes. The exterior of the home features the immaculate brickwork of our bricklayers that is complimented by a feature raked ceiling and central window with cladding. Step inside the home and you’ll find the finishes are classic and elegant with a slightly more modern edge. Wood finish cabinetry contrasting against, dark grey floor tiles and cream textured wall tiles allow the bathrooms and ensuites to feel contemporary, yet homely. Speaking of homely, for a new built home, the kitchen already exudes classic country charm and character with a more Scandinavian inspired colour scheme. Our clients for this home are about to move in and we can’t wait to see how it looks when they are settled.

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