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Duplex builders in Perth

Progen developments are highly experienced duplex builders in Perth

Are you considering the potential of a duplex development? For Perth based first time property developers or experienced investors, we can guide you through the process of building a duplex development. We will provide you with detailed, transparent costs and facilitate all necessary approvals to maximise the potential of your block of land.

Duplex home development made easy

We make duplex property development easy as we cover all aspects of the process. At Progen Developments we have extensive experience in Duplex developments. Our Builders will meet with you to discuss your best options, the Duplex process, explain the Residential Planning Codes which are provided by your local council and custom design a Duplex design to best suit your block, location and to best maximise your investment. We approach each development differently as an individual project to ensure that we best unlock the potential of your block.

Develop your duplex property with an award-winning team

If you know anything about our ethos at Progen Developments, you’ll know that we pride ourselves on the level of service we offer our Customers.

Your duplex development journey

Embarking on a duplex development journey might seem overwhelming, particularly without prior knowledge. Our team of experts is dedicated to leading you through each phase of duplex building.

We offer authentic guidance to ensure your building journey is not only hassle-free but also an enjoyable experience.

Duplex developers with 50 years of combined expirence

At Progen Developments, our duplex specialists in Perth know a lot about all parts of property projects. Together, they’ve got more than 50 years of experience. We can talk to you about what you can do with your duplex project and how we can work together. We’ll also explain the Residential Planning Codes given by your local council. Contact us today so that we can help you to make a plan for your property that helps your investment grow.

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Why develop a duplex property with us?

We provide on-site meetings and duplex design discussions led by our Registered Builders. With a cumulative experience of over five decades within the Progen Developments group, we excel in exploring optimal strategies for harnessing the full potential of your property.

Duplex design is more than simple aesthetics – it involves understanding the flow and function of the space and how people live in it. Our designs consider the importance of building a duplex to suit your budget, your block and the project you have in mind.

By leveraging our substantial expertise and a broad network of dependable subcontractors and suppliers, we can assure you that your duplex project will be overseen by skilled and trustworthy artisans. We commit to utilizing solely premium building materials, ensuring the highest standard throughout the process.

Progen Developments places emphasis on delivering unparalleled assistance and service throughout the entire duplex project. Our commitment to offering authentic guidance and unwavering openness is evident in the outcomes we achieve.

Duplex designs, triplexes and more.

At Progen we not only a specialist duplex developer, we have expirence in all areas of property development. Whether it’s duplex development, house behind, house, triplex development, multiunit development or demolish and build our Builders can guide you through our streamlined developments process. 

House Behind House Property Developers

Optimise your land’s potential and enhance your investment through land subdivision, or contemplate the prospect of a rear strata residence

Exploring the option of side-by-side duplex development or considering the development of a battle axe block? The experts at Progen Developments are ready to offer their insights and guidance.

Dividing your property into three distinct blocks can lead to a substantial investment return. At Progen Development, we’re equipped to steer you through this process with expert guidance.



The demand for urban infill projects is on the rise in Perth and Western Australia. The Progen Developments team is well-prepared to offer the necessary guidance for assessing feasibility, handling design, and navigating the approval process.

We specialize in demolishing outdated structures and crafting new ones, effectively boosting property value and unlocking potential rental income. Our team ensures a seamless process for a profitable investment, providing contemporary and appealing spaces that attract tenants and optimize returns.

Talk to our registered builders, Matt & Ian about your next duplex development.