5 Key benefits to renovating or extending your home in Perth

When we initially buy or build a home, we make decisions based on our circumstances at the time. However, sooner than later we all grow and our needs change. Suddenly your 3×2 home is a little too cosy for your growing family.

We hear you loud and clear, you have grown attached to the home you currently reside in. You love your neighbourhood and parting with your beloved home is simply NOT an option. Well, have you considered renovating?

Property renovations, additions and extensions can improve your lifestyle, add to your property’s value and provide a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Still on the fence? Here are 5 key reasons why you should consider renovating your home;

1. Increases your property’s value

If you choose to renovate or extend, you are adding more features to your home. This in turn equates to more value. Adding extra rooms can certainly add value to your home. If your home is older, renovating your kitchen and bathrooms can make a worldly difference when it comes time to sell and it certainly does enhance your immediate lifestyle!

2. You don’t have to part with your beloved home

We get it. You have grown attached to your neighbourhood. You love your community and your home is a sentimental slice of residential heaven that you are incredibly attached to. This is when renovating and extending can be the perfect solution. Having a professional eye look at your current home and devising strategies on how they can make it work for you, means you get to continue being a part of your treasured community. We call this one a win-win!

3. It can be more cost-effective than building a brand new home.

It can feel like an enormous feat when thinking about revising plans, getting council approvals and potentially having to readjust your lifestyle during the renovation process. However, adding an extra room, an extra floor or even refreshing your kitchen can cost a whole lot less than buying a new larger home. When you consider the cost of stamp duty, moving and the inconvenience of maybe not selling you current home as quickly as you’d like to – renovations can be the easier option.

4. It opens the door for more investment opportunities

Eventually, there might be a time you want to move out of this home or you might be ready to downsize. By renovating your home, you are opening your home up for more possibilities. This could increase your ability to rent your property or will be more enticing if you do end up selling.

5. Maximises on your land

By working with a Perth renovator who specialises in their craft, you will work with an expert who will take a close look at your land and will come up with innovate ways of how you can maximise on what you have. Your renovations specialist will be able to identify unique ways to maximise on your lot while still retaining the character and charisma of your property.

What’s next? Why not speak to a Perth builder who wants to make your vision a reality? When working with Progen Group, we identify the best solutions to suit your needs. Speak to us today and start the renovation process!

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